Longwy, the Enamels' Brilliance - A film by Jean-Baptiste Mathieu

Longwy, the Enamels' Brilliance


« Manufactures d’art » Collection


Directed by Jean-Baptiste Mathieu


Documentary 26' - 2009


Co-produced by: France 3 Lorraine Champagne Ardenne

Supported by: CNC, CUS, Région Alsace, Région Lorraine, Conseil général de Meurthe-et-Moselle



In an area known as a steel mills' center in the past, Longwy faience factories have for the past 150 years been making ceramics whose vibrant colors have been inspiring numerous artists and designers.

We will follow the different steps of the new collections' making process, and the film will allow us to see the craftmen's savoir faire being confronted to the artists' imagination.

We will go through Mathias and Jean Boggio's poetic and inspired universe, through designer Nicolas de Waël's color range, and dive into this strange matrix where everything is hand-made. A film to enjoy with the eyes and the ears!

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