The Vosges Beast, a Rumor's Autopsy - A film by Robin Hunzinger

The Vosges Beast, a rumor's autopsy


Directed by Robin Hunzinger


Documentary 52' - 2008


Co-produced by: Real Productions, Bix Films, France 3 National, France 3 Lorraine Champagne Ardenne, France 3 Alsace, INA

Supported by: CNC, PROCIREP / ANGOA, Région Lorraine, Région Alsace

Selected by: Doc Ouest 2009




In the Vosges in 1977, an unidentified beast attacked sheep herds and slaughtered them. At the time, the media named it “The Vosges Beast”.

How and why does such a common fait divers become an incredible modern tale? To try and understand it, the narrator organized his own hunt, a sort of film fox-hunt. He soon had to face rumors. For some people, the Beast became an excuse to express freely their deepest envy and jealousy. The old human hate enjoys it, comes up from the dark and becomes one with the Beast…



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